Jul 21, 2014

first try

Remember Wednesday when I posted it would be a while before I ventured forth with three kids by myself? Remember Wednesday when I explained why my confidence to take all three out alone just wasn't there? Remember this post?

Well, God certainly has a sense of humor!

Thursday night before bed Davy had a bit of a fever (101.5) so we gave him some Advil and prepared for a sleepless night with a sick kid and a newborn. Much to our surprise, he only had one wake up around 4AM and at that point his fever was gone.

Friday morning, Casey got up and headed back to work. Paternity leave was over and I was on my own with my trio. I thought to myself, thank goodness Davy doesn't have a fever anymore because that could make for a rough first attempt at solo parenting all three.

I thought too soon.


We nursed a lot Friday morning.

We had a great morning playing and figuring out our rhythm. Clearly we have kinks to work out (like the boys escaping the play yard every time I tried to nurse - and on Friday I nursed a lot!) but things were really good. My mom called mid-morning to check in and make sure I didn't need help and I told her I was fine. Because I was. My first try solo parenting three was going well.

I spoke too soon.

I put the boys down for their nap and Davy really struggled to fall asleep. After he fussed for a bit, I went in around 1 and he felt warm so I gave him Advil. When he woke up from his nap at 2:30 (too soon!) his fever had spiked to 103.6! (That's high. And for just after Advil, that's really high!)


It took 30 minutes to get them all loaded in and the bag packed!

And that's how I found myself loading all three boys into the car. And carrying the infant carrier with one hand while pushing the double stroller with the other all the way up to the pediatricians office.


Despite spending 30 minutes getting out the door, I left without shoes for the boys. Fail.

Luckily it turned out to be nothing. He has a very high fever and the "summer flu" so rotate Tylenol/Advil every three hours for a few days and go back for a follow up if he is still having on/off fevers by Tuesday. But, this pathetic face needed to be checked out.



So, fear conquered? Not quite.

But I did it!

I loaded all three boys up and got out of the house.

By myself.

Casey did meet us at the office to help keep the toddlers entertained because two little boys in the pediatricians office while we wait (and wait...and wait...) is rough stuff on the best of days so I wasn't solo for the whole outing, but I'm still counting it.


I'd follow up our Friday adventure with a weekend update, but I don't have anything to share!


We did a lot of snuggling.

We did a lot of book reading.

All the boys took baths.
But this one wouldn't sit still to show off his curly just bathed hair.
Even blurry I can't resist this happy face!

Not eventful. Not many pictures. But it was a pretty great weekend!

And today, I'm giving solo parent of three another try. Hoping today is much less eventful than my first attempt.


Jul 16, 2014

confidence for three

Casey goes back to work tomorrow afternoon so we have been trying to squeeze in all the things before his paternity leave ends. I know I'm not supposed to overdo it after the surgery, but I'm feeling pretty decent. I am not in pain. And I need to get out. I'm not going stir crazy. In fact, I could happily hang out snuggling my trio at home all day. This is to help give me the confidence that life and errands and outings are possible with three babies.

I need a confidence boost that I can do what needs done.

I've been home alone with all three for a bit, and while it didn't go well, I know that I can handle it. But, I don't know if I can load them all in the car and get anywhere. Like play dates. And MOPS meetings. And maybe a Bible Study this semester. So, we've done a few "practice runs" while Casey is around and we can do it together.

We successfully ate a restaurant. We successfully went grocery shopping. And yesterday we attempted a fun day.

After naps we loaded up the car and headed to the Perot Museum. I have a husband who absolutely loves dinosaurs (he dreams of being a paleontologist) and the museum has a visiting exhibit on the worlds largest dinosaurs. The museum also has an amazing interactive children's area with a campground, a water table, a produce market, a climb-able cityscape, snakes and other small animals, and a dinosaur dig. Fun for the whole family!


We looked at the dinosaurs.
Davy wasn't impressed.
We realized just how small we are when we stood next to the sauropod bone.
And then we headed to the children's area.
Tripp loved climbing the bridge. Over and over again.
Davy played at the water table. And no where else.
But we didn't get very many pictures before this happened.

Tripp was playing in the farmer's market and climbed up into the bed of the produce truck. Their were quite a few other kids up there too. And one of them (very unintentionally) pushed him. Tripp has pretty much no balance/coordination right now, so he fell down the three steps and slammed his head into the corner of the metal wall.

This photo is from a previous Perot trip, but it shows where he fell.
He was on the platform in the far right of the photo.
His head hit the green metal post.

Terrifying. My heart completely stopped when I heard his head clang against the metal. I'm not supposed to be picking up the toddlers yet (because of the c section) but I ran over to my baby boy and scooped him up. The monstrous goose egg and straight blue/black line showed up almost immediately. And just kept growing.

The attendant in the children's area told us she was calling someone. We assumed she meant an EMT and so hung around and waited. Imagine our surprise when a security guard showed up. She asked if she could go make a photocopy of a driver's license and get started filling out paperwork for the incident report. Casey and I were so so disappointed in the museums response. We had no interest in filling out a report. The incident wasn't over yet! We didn't know if Tripp was okay. All we wanted was medical attention for our son! Needless to say, we refused to give the security guard a license or fill out her paperwork so we could head to the emergency room.


Even bigger goose egg in the car on the way to the ER.
Playing with toys in the ER.

At the emergency room, Tripp was given the all clear (but it took HOURS to get out of there!) and he is doing much better today.

We learned an important lesson though: When it comes to head injuries, danger signs are: an injury that goes in instead of out, vomitting, and passing out. If your toddler cries right away and doesn't vomit, he/she is probably okay. (Although I, personally, would probably still get a head injury looked at!)

I also learned that I am no where near ready to take three kids out into the world.

My "I can handle being a mom of three and still do fun things" confidence building trip didn't work.

My confidence wasn't boosted.

In my heart I know the boys and I are going to be just fine when Casey goes back to work. I know we'll figure it out. I know it will all work. God entrusted me to mother these three miracles and He will help me do just that.

I also know Tripp hitting his head had nothing to do with us having three kids. I was right there next to him. It could just as easily happened to a parent there with only one child.

But, despite all those things, I think we'll be weekday shut-ins for a little while and only go out on weekends or when I have help!


Jul 15, 2014

House Tour: Nurseries


It's that time again! I'm back continuing on our house tour. We've been slowly wandering around the house and so far I've shown you our very child-centric family room, our kitchen, our in-process dining room and our in-need-of-love outdoor spaces in this fun linkup with Andrea at Momfessionals. Today we're going to wander back towards the bedrooms and look at our nurseries.

Yes, nurseries. Plural. For those of you popping in for the link up, we have 18 month old twin boys and a week old son. Three boys in 18 months!

Our family of five!


I can't believe I've never shared pictures of the twins completed nursery on the blog before. I shared a number of in progress shots, but never the completed room! I'm guessing I was waiting for it to be completed. At this point, it has been 18 months and we still haven't gotten the frames all hung (or even purchased!). I actually thought we might get it done while Casey was on paternity leave this week. Ha! I had forgotten how tiring a newborn is! No work like that has occurred!

As with every single room in our house, these rooms are both works in progress!



So, let's wander down the hallway to the big boys room...

The boys room as it is laid out now.
The room layout when they were smaller.

Some details.

The hutch then and now.
As you can see, the books have migrated all over the house!

Things to be hung.


  • Cribs: built by Casey (designed to combine the genius of the Baby's Dream safety gate with the beauty if the Restoration Hardware Jameson Crib)
  • Changing table: used by my sister (refinished by my mom and sister)
  • Dresser/Hutch: CraigsList (refinished by my mom and sister)
  • Bedding/Curtains/Mobiles: Jill McDonald's Adorable Dino
  • Dinosaur Heads: DwellStudio
  • Dog Bed (turned kid bench!): built by Papa Mike (Casey's Dad)
  • Afghans: knit by Aunt Jennifer
  • Name signs: made by me for the boys first birthday party
  • Baskets: HomeGoods
  • Hanging Dino Light: online somewhere! I can't find it anymore but it was an odd webpage and shipped direct from China
  • Any others you want -- just ask!


And now moving next door into James' room...

View from the door.

The crib and bedding.

The dressers on either side of the window.

Some details.
The frame arrangement should have train track going through it to complete the room border, but I didn't quite order enough. The pieces came while we were in the hospital but haven't been hung yet.
The black train (bottom left photo) is actually a humidifier!

Fun little bench.


  • Crib: Baby's Dream Safety Gate Generation Next Crib (refinished by a friend of my mom's, Jan O'Reilly)
  • Dressers/Hutches: CraigsList
  • Bedding/Floor Quilt: ordered from etsy sellers; fabric is from the Scoot Collection by Riley Blake
  • Poufs: Target (don't you remember the drama to buy them!)
  • Mobile: made by me! Tutorial to come at some point. I'd say soon but I make no promises!
  • Baskets: HomeGoods
  • Bench: Target
  • Any others you want -- just ask!

As in the twins room, I would like to frame and hang James' Native Texan Certificate and a few cute prints and photos in an arrangement. But, we'll see when it happens!


I know that I'm biased since I designed them, but I am in love with both of these spaces. They are exactly what I envisioned and I couldn't be more pleased with the spaces my kiddos call their own. I'll treasure these next few years of cute themed bedrooms before the boys develop preferences and opinions and want to hang posters (ick!) on their walls.


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